Pepsi Unveils New Advertising Campaign: 'Pepsi. It's the Cola.'
Brand's First Major Campaign Shift Since 1999

NEW YORK - November 19, 2003 - The cola is the hero and the focus of a new advertising campaign for Pepsi-Cola, unveiled today in the New York offices of BBDO, Pepsi's longtime advertising agency.

With a new tagline, "Pepsi. It's the Cola," the campaign highlights the popular soft drink that goes with everything from food to fun. Television advertising will debut Sunday on primetime and NFL telecasts and will subsequently be seen on highly visible programs such as the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and ABC's special three-week miniseries, "Trista and Ryan's Wedding." Outdoor advertising will begin appearing on billboards and at bus stops next week.

"We've always been good at communicating Pepsi's brand image - spirited, spontaneous, contemporary and exciting - but now it's time we shine the light on the product itself," said Dave Burwick, SVP and chief marketing officer of Pepsi-Cola North America. "We're making cola the hero and showing why people drink it - because it's refreshing and it goes so well with food and fun events."

The initial television phase of the campaign includes three commercials. In "Summer Job," a Pepsi brings together two young adults working in an unglamorous profession. In "Vacuum," comedian Dave Chappelle has a few close calls with a robotic vacuum while his date prepares for the evening. The final ad is a tribute to NFL Films and features a group of tailgaters preparing for a Sunday showdown in a commercial called "Tailgating."

In new outdoor ads, foods publicly display their affection for Pepsi - from a veggie wrap hugging a Pepsi glass to a strand of spaghetti "lassoing" a Pepsi. The signs will appear on bus shelters and billboards adjacent to eateries. Radio, print and online advertising will hit in the coming weeks.

Pepsi's last major campaign change was in 1999, when it debuted "The Joy of Cola," which became "The Joy of Pepsi" in 2000.

Pepsi-Cola North America (, headquartered in Purchase, N.Y., is the $4 billion refreshment beverage unit of PepsiCo, Inc. ( in the United States and Canada. Its U.S. brands include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi ONE, Pepsi Blue, Pepsi Vanilla, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Code Red, Mug, Sierra Mist, Slice, Aquafina, SoBe, Dole single-serve juices and FruitWorks. The company also makes and markets North America's #1 ready-to-drink iced teas and coffees, respectively, via joint ventures with Lipton and Starbucks.

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