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Pepsi-Cola Bottles & More
Collectors Guide Volume 2

Spiral Bound, Glossy Color, 168 Pages

Published late 2001

This is James Ayers' second volume.
An outstanding guide, this volume
lists over 1500 bottles!
169 Pages - all color with enlargements.
Printed on heavy glossy stock with spiral binding.

800 items pictured!
Includes over 610 Pepsi-Cola embossed, paper labeled, ACLs
Back Bar Bottles, and Pepsi products:
Devil Shake, Diet Pepsi, Evervess,
Patio, Pepsi Free, Pepsi Light,
Slice, Teem, Tropic Surf and others.
Also featured - over 860 Mountain Dew bottles plus
55 Mountain Dew competition bottles and cans.

Note:  Volume 2 DOES NOT contain bottles
shown in Volume 1!!

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Encyclopedia of Pepsi-Cola Collectibles

Bob Stoddard, Hardpack / Published 2002

256 FULL COLOR pages

HARD BACK Edition -- 8.5" x 11"

Divided into four sectionsósigns, containers, novelties and toys, and paper collectiblesócollectors will find everything from early Pepsi trays to cardboard signs, and matchbooks to toys. Features 2,000 individual items with current values, accurate descriptions, rarity ratings, and full-color photographs. Presents a fascinating historical perspective of the Pepsi-Cola Company, including the evolution of their famous logo

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Classic Soda Machines

by Jeff Walters

3rd Edition, 328 Full Color Pages
Softback, 6" x 9" / Published 1999

A field reference and price guide.  Illustrated guide with hundreds of
classic soda machines listed.  Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, Royal Crown Cola
Dr Pepper, 7-Up and more!

Not Available
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The Complete Guide to Pepsi-Cola Collectibles

Bob Stoddard, Hardback / Published 1996

  189 FULL COLOR pages, 

HARD BACK Edition -- 8.5" x 11"

This book contains prices and a rarity guide that rates how rare each item is. This book also contains complete slogan and logo history explaining when each slogan and logo were first used.  It also has a great Pepsi-Cola History and Timeline 

Out of Print
New edition available above!

   Pepsi-Cola Collectibles, Vol I   

148 pages of Pepsi-Cola related collectibles.

 Book contains 1993 price guide.

Paperback Edition.

Black and White photographs. 8.5" x 11"         

Out of Print - But I have a few copies!

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Pepsi-Cola Collectibles, Vol II   

192 pages of Pepsi-Cola related collectibles.   

Completely different items than are found in volume one!!!

 Book contains 1992 price guide  

Paperback Edition. Black and White photographs. 8.5" x 11"    


Out of Print


  Pepsi-Cola Collectibles, Vol III   

156 pages of Pepsi-Cola related collectibles.    Completly different items than are found in vols. I and II.   

The final volume of this terriffic set!  

Book contains 1995 price guide,  Paperback Edition.  

Black and White photographs. 8.5" x 11"  

Includes special 8 page color section!   Published in 1994  

Available from!!  Email me.   Price: $17.95

Pepsi, Cola bottles : Collectors Guide

James C. Ayers

Spiral Bound, Glossy Color, 144 pages, 2002  Price Guide. 

Published in 1995

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Pepsi-Cola Collectibles : With Price Guide 
Everette Lloyd, Mary Lloyd / Paperback / Published 1993 

Amazon Price: $23.96 ~ You Save: $5.99 (20%) 
Pepsi : 100 Years 
Bob Stoddard / Hardcover / Published 1997 

Out of Print

Cal 99 Pepsi Calendar : Through the Generations : 100th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Calendar / Published 1998 

Out of Print

Coming Soon!

Cooking With Pepsi, Uh Huh! : You Got the Right Ingredient, Baby! 
Ralph Roberts, Pat Roberts (Contributor) / Paperback / Not Yet Published


Coming Soon!

The Pepsi Challenge : From 12 Full Ounces to a New Generation, 100 Years of Pepsi History
Ralph Roberts / Paperback / Published 1999 

Out of Print

Coming Soon!

Pop Culture : 100 Stories from Pepsi-Cola's First 100 Years
Legs McNeil, Jann S. Wenner (Introduction) / Hardcover

Not sure if this book was ever published. 

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Was There a Pepsi Generation Before Pepsi Discovered It? : Youth-Based Segmentation in Marketing
Stanley C. Hollander, Richard Germain / Hardcover / Published 1992

Amazon Price: $29.95 (Special Order) 

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Everybody's Studying Us : The Irony of Aging in the Pepsi Generation

Irene Pavll / Published 1976

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No Time Lost

Walter MacK / Published 1982

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Odyssey : Pepsi to Apple : A Journey of Adventure, Ideas, and the Future
John Sculley, John A. Byrne / Published 1987


theotherguyblinkedbook.jpg (9461 bytes)  

The Other Guy Blinked : How Pepsi Won the Cola Wars

Roger Enrico, Jess Kornbluth / Published 1986

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The Other Guy Blinked : And Other Dispatches from the Cola Wars

Roger Enrico / Published 1988

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Price Guide to Pepsi-Cola Cans

Paul Bates / Published 1995

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Tomart's Price Guide to Character & Promotional Glasses : Including Pepsi, Coke, Fast-Food, Peanut Butter and Jelly Glasses; Plus Dairy Glasses & Mil

Carol Markowski, Gene Markowski / Published 1990 & 1993 logo 

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